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Whether you are facing contract disputes, administrative law claims, banking and regulatory challenges, or any other complex commercial issue, our team at McLeod Scott Law is committed to finding efficient solutions that safeguard your interests.

McLeod Scott is built on a passion for helping individuals in business and companies (especially small companies) in need, through providing litigation services and alternative dispute resolution.

MS McLeod Law has now expanded beyond a solo virtual practice to a partnership with Shanique Scott and to include a physical office space, associate and support staff, ready to serve your litigation needs.

As we continue to grow, we hope to see our clients' businesses grow and thrive by helping our clients to overcome the legal stumbling blocks that they may face.

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Negotiation Mediation Litigation

Commercial Litigation

From the intricate world of banking law to the complexities of contract law and employment issues, we've got you covered.
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Administrative Law Claims

Let us guide you through the journey of administrative law. Administrative Law, also known as public law, usually involves disputes of some kind with the government.
Get ready to conquer even the toughest challenges with our guidance.
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Commercial Property Disputes

Having a conflict with your property? Is there a breach of covenant? Easement issues? We are here to help.
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Why Choose McLeod Scott Law

Let us, manage your conflicts, and protect "Your Bag".

We understand that you are busy and disputes can be a major stumbling block for commercial entities and individuals. Let us be your efficient and meticulous solution-oriented partner in a world that looks chaotic.

  • We understand the importance of efficient and effective conflict management through negotiation, mediation and litigation/arbitration.
  • We pride ourselves on being a small legal practice with a relatively narrow focus (commercial litigation) which makes us uniquely positioned to provide specialist and focused attention to clients.
  • We understand how to stay organized, detail-oriented and meticulous even through the most chaotic situations, meeting court and other deadlines, while maintaining high quality.
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Melissa S McLeod

Melissa S McLeod

Partner/ Attorney-at-Law
Shanique T Scott

Shanique T Scott

Partner/ Attorney-at-Law
Shayanne A Hylton

Shayanne Hylton

Associate Attorney-at-Law
Qiana Campbell

Qiana Campbell

Clerical Assistant

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