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McLeod Scott Law was first started as a sole practice, MS McLeod Law, which opened its “virtual” doors in 2020 amid a global pandemic. While this period would for many be one of caution, Melissa S McLeod saw opportunity and decided to start her own legal practice – MS McLeod Law.

MS McLeod Law has now expanded beyond a solo virtual practice to a partnership with Shanique Scott and to include a physical office space, associate and support staff, ready to serve your litigation needs.

Our foundation is built upon the pillars of quality, expertise, and a relentless commitment to deliver quality and exceptional legal representation. With a profound understanding of the intricacies of the legal landscape in Jamaica, McLeod Scott Law is strategically positioned to provide our clients with comprehensive and innovative legal solutions across various practice areas.

McLeod Scott is built on a passion for helping individuals in business and companies (especially small companies) in need, through providing litigation services and alternative dispute resolution.

Led by a team of seasoned legal professionals, McLeod Scott Law boasts a wealth of experience in a wide array of complex commercial and civil litigation matters. Our proficiency spans across constitutional law and alternative dispute resolution, allowing us to tackle your legal challenges from every angle.

Whether you find yourself entangled in contract disputes, grappling with administrative law claims, facing intricate banking and regulatory hurdles, or navigating any other intricate commercial issue, our team is dedicated to tailoring efficient solutions that safeguard your best interests.

Years at the Bar, combined.
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Our Mission
We aim to provide high quality legal services to manage the various conflicts and problems that business may face, so that businesses can focus on what they do best – minding their business!
Business Consulting
Having a clear understanding of the terms and conditions of a contract is critical to protecting your rights and interests.
Consult with our skilled attorneys and get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your agreement is sound and enforceable.
Protect your business interests with the expertise of our seasoned commercial litigators.
McLeod Scott Law is armed with the knowledge and experience necessary to effectively navigate complex legal disputes and achieve the best possible outcome.
Our Vision
We see ourselves as the future of commercial litigation and hope one day that clients will describe us as synonymous with high quality representation in commercial litigation. We want to be thought of as a top choice.
Creative Solution
McLeod Scott Law understands your unique legal challenges. Our innovative approach to problem-solving and commitment to delivering sound solutions makes us the advocates you need to achieve success in your case.
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Dedicated to Achieving Exceptional Outcomes,
for YOU!

At McLeod Scott Law, our goal is to provide exceptional legal representation to our clients. Led by two highly experienced attorneys with over 25 years of combined experience as commercial litigators, our 3-year-old law firm was founded with the purpose of bringing together a talented team of lawyers to offer creative and effective solutions to clients' legal needs.

With a strong commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the legal landscape, we are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients.

  • Whether you are facing a contract dispute, intellectual property issue, or any other commercial matter, we have the knowledge and resources to protect your interests.
  • Committed to offering creative and effective solutions to clients' legal needs
  • From negotiations and alternative dispute resolution methods to representation in court, we have the experience to effectively handle your case
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Melissa S McLeod

Melissa S McLeod

Partner/ Attorney-at-Law
Shanique T Scott

Shanique T Scott

Partner/ Attorney-at-Law
Shayanne A Hylton

Shayanne Hylton

Associate Attorney-at-Law
Qiana Campbell

Qiana Campbell

Clerical Assistant